Sensitivity in Men

It seams to me that many of us are ashamed of showing emotions. I do not feel like it would be depending on if these feelings are pleasant or challenging. The risk zone has been entered when having a tear coming out of one's eye. In that point it does not matter if the emotion is affected by something beautiful or something that hurts.

In happy times and in sad times the melodies of music will make me become sensitized. Sometimes when experiencing a good situation in my life, it feels that everything sounds completely different. These songs, melodies and all the things a song might have.
One of those things that still evokes emotions in me is to see people having conflicts between each other. It gives me an awful feeling. Otherwise, sensitiveness has been a resource and a tool for me.
Everyone needs a moment to be himself and vent his emotions. How could that be considered a bad thing?
Sensitiveness exists anyway and it seeks for ways to burst out. If I don’t admit that I’m sensitive, I have to fight against things and emotions so that the sensitivity wouldn’t get out of the box where I’ve put it.